Introduction to iProcesSmart Data Entry Format

This should familiarize you with the inventory data exchange procedure. This process has been designed to make it easy to get us your information and to uniformly maintain your own product catalog.

Creating the inventory database:

The file is available as a template iPSPRODUCT_DATAFORM.xls (Microsoft Excel 97-2000/95 Workbook) that is formatted so that iProcesSmart database load programs can rapidly upload and update your online product information on demand and as required.

To begin, utilize the provided file iPSPRODUCT_DATAFORM.xls template to specify your entire inventory. Items that are ready for immediate delivery.

Once your database is completed, save the file in the following name format:

product_manufacturer/supplier_ Date: Day (28)/Month (08)/Year (00)

Email the file to

Mail it form to us on floppy disk, zip disk, or CD format

      , DataDept
                            14262 Doolittle Drive
                            San Leandro, CA 94577

After we have received your upload file, we will integrate it in into our system and your catalog will be uploaded into the iProcesSmart master database to enhance the presentation wherever possible.

Required Fields
CODE  Part Number (Preceded by code assigned to product by, e.g. IPSTX00211257)
NAME  Short Description (50 char or less)
DESC Long / Technical Description (up to 200 char)
FED ID/X-REF  Any MIL-SPEC, DOD, UNSPSC, SIC or Industrial Cross-References as applicable (50 char)
IMAGE150 Location and name of the graphic file for product  (150x150 px, 72dpi) Picture name should match item code.
PRICE List Price
WEIGHT Unit Weight packaged
TAXABLE All items are taxable (1)
DISCOUNT Distributor discount given to iProcesSmart per product
ID Numerical (automatically assigned)

Sample data is entered on Item 1 to help you get started, if you have any difficulties receiving this file or have questions in creating it, please contact us at 510-352-8199 or email