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Sensors & Transmitters
   Data Acquisition
   pH and ORP
   Relative Humidity / Dewpoint
     RH Fixed Installation
     RH Portable Instruments
     Probes and OEM Modules
       DMT242 Dewpoint Transmitter
       DMT152 Dewpoint Transmitter
       DMT142 Dewpoint Transmitter
       HMP155 Humidity &Temp Probe
       HMP50 Humidity and Temp Probe
   Differential Pressure
   Carbon Dioxide
   Nitrogen Dioxide
   Carbon Monoxide
   Smoke Detectors
   Current Sensors
   Proximity Sensors
   Photoelectric Sensors
   Safety Light Curtains
   Cables and Distribution Boxes
   Oxygen Transmitters


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Humidity,dewpoint,cleanrooms,relative humidity,HVAC
Vaisala Instruments

Humidity, dewpoint and temperature measurement instruments


Relative humidity (RH) is defined as the ratio of the water vapor pressure or water vapor content to the saturation vapor pressure or the maximum vapor content at the temperature of the air or gas. The saturation vapor pressure in the air varies with air temperature, the higher the temperature, the more water vapor it can hold. When saturated the relative humidity in the air is 100 %RH.


OEM Instruments and Modules and Probes

OEM Modules
Vaisala Instruments
DMT242 Designed for OEM system integrations. Ideal for dryers and dry air systems
DMT152 Designed for measuring low dewpoint in OEM applications, even down to -80°C
DMT142 Miniature dewpoint measurement instrument for industrial OEM applications like air dryers or plastic dryers
HMM210 Modules optimized for harsh environments with both high humidities and a wide temperature range.
HMP45A/D Humidity Probe The humidity and temperature probes for OEM's and single users are designed for use with a wide range of instrumentation.
HM44 Structural humidity measurement set
HUMITTER® Developed to meet the demand for a low cost transmitter suitable for volume applications or integration into other manufacturers' equipment.

Probes and OEM Modules

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