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Sensors & Transmitters
   Data Acquisition
   pH and ORP
   Relative Humidity / Dewpoint
     RH Fixed Installation
     RH Portable Instruments
       HM70 RH Meter & Calibrator
       DM70 Dewpoint Meter & Calibrator
       HM40 Handheld RH & T Meter
       HMI41 Handheld RH & T
       HMK15 Humidity Calibrator
     Probes and OEM Modules
   Differential Pressure
   Carbon Dioxide
   Nitrogen Dioxide
   Carbon Monoxide
   Smoke Detectors
   Current Sensors
   Proximity Sensors
   Photoelectric Sensors
   Safety Light Curtains
   Cables and Distribution Boxes
   Oxygen Transmitters


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Vaisala Instruments Automation Components APT Instruments

Humidity, dewpoint and temperature measurement instruments

Relative humidity (RH) is defined as the ratio of the water vapor pressure or water vapor content to the saturation vapor pressure or the maximum vapor content at the temperature of the air or gas. The saturation vapor pressure in the air varies with air temperature, the higher the temperature, the more water vapor it can hold. When saturated the relative humidity in the air is 100 %RH.


Portable Hand-Held Instruments and Calibrators

Vaisala Instruments
HM70 Hand-held Humidity and Temperature Rugged and reliable high-accuracy meter for demanding applications. Ideal for on-site checking and transmitter calibrations. Accredited calibration available.
DM70 Hand-held Dewpoint Meter The meter measures dewpoint accurately in a wide measurement range. It can be used in many industrial spot-checking applications as well as a one-point calibration check for fixed dewpoint transmitters.
HM34 Light-weight pocket-sized humidity meter which provides fast and convenient spot-checks of relative humidity and temperature
HMI41 Relative Humidity and Temperature Indicator is versatile and easy to use. With a choice of five different probes it gives you flexibility to work in a variety of applications.
HMK15 Humidity Calibrator enables easy and reliable on-site calibration of humidity instruments. Based on saturated salt solutions.
APT RH Instruments
APT Instruments
RH1000 RH Pen Small, pen-sized thermo-hygrometer fits easily into pocket or tool box. Great little tool for indication of room temperature and relative humidity
RH1210 RH Modular meter and probe enables delivers greater accuracy of RH readings with flexible positioning of the probe. RS-232 Output
RH100 RH Low-cost Vdc-powered transmitter provides continuous analog output proportional to RH and Temp of the environment. Ideal for integration into control system

RH Portable Instruments

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