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2' x 2' Extra-Hot Powerblanket, 120V, 95W
2' x 2' Extra-Hot Powerblanket, 120V, 95W
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: PBEH0202
    Price: $291.00
    Shipping Weight: 9.00 pounds
    2x2ft Equipment Battery Warmer

    The PowerBlanket 2x2 ft Battery Warmer comes ready to use. Ideal for hard to get to areas the 2x2 ft is flexible, portable, and won't let you down, even in the coldest of temperatures. Leave it in your car overnight to keep the frost off your windows and your seats toasty. There are so many uses for the 2x2 120V PowerBlanket you can't go wrong having it on hand. 
    Eliminate cold start wear and tear on your car and battery.  Start every time with the PowerBlanket Battery Warmer.

    There are so many uses for the 2x2 ft. Extra-Hot Multi-Duty powerblanket, you can't go wrong having them on hand or giving them as a gift. Energy efficient, flexible, portable heat anywhere you need it.
    The PBEH0202 2'X2' Extra-Hot powerblanket can be used as a battery warmer and also makes and outstanding ground thawer, it is light weight & easy to use. Just plug into any wall outlet or generator and within minutes the underside begins thawing stubborn ice & snow.

    Size: 2x2 feet
    Min allowable temp for Guaranteed Results: -40°
    Power: 120V / 95W / 0.75A

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