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330 Gal Tote Heater, 120V, 1440W
330 Gal Tote Heater, 120V, 1440W
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    Code: PBTH330
    Price: $1,767.00
    Shipping Weight: 120.00 pounds
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    Insulated Tote Heaters

    Powerblanket Tote Heaters are flexible wrap around surface heaters utilizing powerblankets patented heat spreading technology designed to warm, insulate, and protect temperature sensitive materials in ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS. Think of it as our barrel heaters on steroids and is ideal for heating chemicals, rubber, epoxy, resins, water, and other temperature sensitive materials.

    The TH330 is a 330 gallon blanket heater providing a quick & easy way to warm your temp sensitive products. They fit nearly every standard tote tank utilizing adjustable nylon straps.  Units include a PBGHT2000 adjustable thermostat and male/female power cords for easily adding multiple units to the same circuit.  

    Size:330 Gallon
    Min allowable temp for Guaranteed Results: -40°
    Power: 120 volts / 1440 watts / 12 amps
    Max per 20amp circuit: 2 blankets
    Max per 60amp circuit: 6 blankets

    Material Heating | Tote Warming | Epoxy & Resin Warming | Gas & Oil Heating | Water & Paint Warming

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