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HMT361 RH & T Transmitter for wall mounting
HMT361 RH & T Transmitter for wall mounting
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: VIHMT361
    Price: $2,340.00
    Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds
    Signal Output:
    Ch 1 Parameter & Scaling:
    Ch 2 Parameter & Scaling:
    Temperature Analog Output Range:
    Output Units:
    Interface Cable Connection:
    EX certification & issuer:
    Humidity Sensor Type:
    Sensor Protection:
      Zener Barrier for Ch1 (+$190)
      Zener Barrier for Ch2 (+$190)
      Vyniker enclosure for 2 barriers (+$70)
    Vaisala HMT361 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter - Intrinsically Safe
    Vaisala Instruments

    HMT361 Intrinsically Safe Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

    HMT361 Probe

    for wall mounting

    Vaisala's HMT360 Series humidity and temperature transmitter is designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The electronics are designed so that the fully configurable transmitter is intrinsically safe. The microprocessor-based HMT360 is easy to install, maintain and calibrate due to its modular structure. The interchangeable probes are easy to remove and enable on-site calibration. They make the HMT360 series versatile and ensure its suitability for almost any application.

    • Intrinsically safe - the whole transmitter can be installed into the explosive area
    • Complies with classifications from PTB (CENELEC, Europe), FM (USA), CSA (Canada), TIIS (Japan), Russia (STV) and PCEC (China)
    • The interchangeable probe module contains all calibration coefficients, so a calibrated probe can be switched in the field without the need to input any data manually
    • Complies with FM (USA), VTT (CENELEC, Europe), CSA (Canada), TIIS (Japan), Russia (STV) and PCEC (China), VTT (IECEx)
    • HMT361 Order Guide
    Relative humidity measurement

    Measurement rannge

    0 ... 100 % RH

    Accuracy at +20 °C (68 °F) ± 1.0 % RH (0 ... 90 % RH)
    Accuracy at +20 °C (68 °F) ± 1.7 % RH (90 ... 100 % RH)
    Sensor (general use) HUMICAP® 180 and HUMICAP® 180R
    Sensor (demanding chemical environment) HUMICAP® 180L2
    Temperature measurement

    Measurement range

    -40 ... +60 °C (-40 ... +140 °F)

    Typical accuracy of electronics at +20 °C (68 °F) ± 0.2 °C (± 0.36 °F)
    Sensor Pt 1000 RTD 1/3 Class B IEC 751

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