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The iProcesSmart Industrial Supplier Internet Enablement program is designed to simplify the process of going online for manufacturers and suppliers alike. iProcesSmart provides companies with Internet expertise from concept to implementation on a user-friendly professional platform. Products and services are marketed on the Internet in a cohesive and cost-effective manner through the iProcesSmart advertising program. By offering a scaleable service, manufacturers can provide potential clients with comprehensive data and technical assistance through the iProcesSmart portal.

Many factors make it difficult for industrial brick and mortar companies to enact a successful Internet program; the cost of entry, lack of an Internet savvy in-house staff, and the difficulty in dealing with an established distribution network devoid of e-commerce experience and focus. Suppliers can choose to enter into the iProcesSmart marketplace by making their products available to all interested buyers in the catalog section as well as shopping cart for standard materials. By listing their products on iProcesSmart's catalog or by linking their individual catalogs on the portal site, information is readily accessible to customers worldwide. With reciprocal links on every site, iProcesSmart ensures that each participating supplier is well listed on all major search engines and provide clients a comprehensive resource of product data. iProcesSmart makes it easy for companies to market their products online.

iProcesSmart simplifies the process of concept and content communication by making available the iProcesSmart website design, sales and marketing teams, each with intimate knowledge of industrial equipment and their applications as well as internet hardware and software issues. Manufactures can outsource their corporate Internet initiative confident that they are serviced by a company that recognizes the needs of the industrial product buyer.

What Can iProcesSmart Do for You as a Vendor?

iProcesSmart™.com provides equipment manufacturers an easy, cost-effective way to participate in electronic commerce: iProcesSmart™ PurchaseSite is the premiere business-to-business marketplace portal for industrial process equipment. As a member of iProcesSmart™.com, you have access to the most comprehensive e-commerce solution available. Companies affiliated with gain exposure to worldwide markets by offering their standard inventoried products globally. In addition, participates in national and international industry trade shows to introduce and promote selected products from participating manufacturers. This means that products are spotlighted and introduced to real world customers, the ones that count! The ability to offer products on the world-wide web is a market segment that is growing daily with the expansion of the internet and the continued development of infrastructures to support secure transactions online.  Our participation in multiple industry vertical portals also means that you receive exposure in various market segments.

Why Participate in iProcesSmart PurchaseSite?

As a vendor to iProcesSmart™ PurchaseSite, you have the potential to increase business, reduce operating costs, and expand your market share exponentially. And you can achieve this on the World-Wide-Web, presenting your products to thousands of industrial users with enormous applications potential.


Grow your business

Direct connectivity increases business with current customers because it ensures more on-contract buying—reducing leakage—and enhances customer relationships.
The World-Wide-Web exposes manufacturers  like you to a large and growing number of iProcesSmart™.com's global customer base,  including companies in North and South America, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Europe - enabling you to expand your marketing efforts worldwide. The World-Wide-Web represents hundreds of billions of dollars in annual buying power.
A Web-based marketplace portal, PurchaseSmart enables simultaneous support of multiple buyers for optimum customer service. Vendors only need to provide their catalog and pricing information once to get instant access to all of iProcesSmart™.com users, decreasing the need to contact individual buyers with pricing and availability updates.
iProcesSmart™.com  will actively market your company and products global to engineers, plant maintenance, research personnel and all potential customers.

Reduce operating costs

There are no upfront costs associated with outsourcing your e-commerce to by simply providing your standard inventoried list along with technical data for inclusion into the shopping cart database that we provide to our customers online. This provides your company with an internet presence from which potential customers may purchase materials directly


Create a dynamic electronic catalog operates a managed content model that provides services and tools to help build a robust electronic catalog for use in all your e-commerce initiatives. Your electronic catalog allows you to maintain close contact with customers and effectively communicate pricing and availability information. Through participation in PurchaseSite, you need only publish catalog content once to gain access to an increasing community of industrial equipment buyers. PurchaseSite enables you to publish electronic catalogs that seamlessly integrate the engineering and design function by providing extensive on line catalog information and technical assistance with buyers’ purchasing applications.


Customer Catalog Stores

Supplier product will be made available for our customer-stores designed to streamline procurement costs and eliminate rogue buying by catering to the specific needs of individual customers.  This is accomplished by creating a password protected customer-store that contains only items and product descriptions that have been approved for use by the customer.
Supplier Satisfaction Vendor Services Team will help you provide the best quality service to customers and gain exposure to other buyers. As your primary contact at, the Vendor Services Team helps you build a robust electronic catalog for customers and works to maintain your satisfaction with PurchaseSite and
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Experience the growth! Join iProcesSmart Group today... Your e-commerce portal to the B-to-B cutting edge. 

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