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HMM210 Series Humidity Modules for Environmental Chambers
The HMM210 modules are optimized for harsh environments with both high humidities and a wide temperature range. The humidity measurement is fully temperature compensated and the sensor head is vapor proof.

HMM210 Brochure (PDF file)
The modules are highly versatile and flexible and provide either relative humidity and temperature or dewpoint measurement with various configurations. The modules have microprocessor-based electronics and are equipped with analog outputs. Moreover, the modules have excellent EMC characteristics.

The HMM210 module series are designed especially with view on OEM type applications needing humidity or dewpoint measurement in demanding environments, e.g. in environmental chambers.

The HMM210 modules are also available with a warmed probe. The probe diminishes problems with condensation and improves stability and accuracy in high humidities. In rapidly changing temperatures the warmed probe enables fast response time.

The HMM210 modules use Vaisala's HUMICAP® sensor, which has high accuracy, excellent long-term stability and negligible hysteresis. Insensitive to dust and most chemicals, the HUMICAP® sensor is well suited for use in harsh and demanding applications.

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