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Static Eliminators


Eliminate Static Electricity, Dust and Shock Hazard

Neutralize and clean at
distances up to 20 feet!

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What is Static?

Material such as paper, plastic and textiles normally contain an equal number of positive and negative charges – that is, they are electrically balanced. Friction can disturb this balance, causing the material to become electrically charged. The electrical charge (static) will exert a force on nearby charged objects or a grounded conductor. Among the problems caused by this force are:
Dust clinging to product
Product clinging to itself, rolls, machine beds or frames
Materials tearing, jamming or curling
Sheet feeding problems
Hazardous sparks or shocks

What are EXAIR Static Eliminators?

A new technology solution to the old problem of static build-up. EXAIR Static Eliminators maximize ionized airflow while minimizing compressed air consumption. A small amount of compressed air is used to entrain a high volume flow of surrounding air. This combined stream is ionized by an emitter point (or points) and delivered to the charged surface. Static is neutralized from distances up to 20 feet away.

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Thus, EXAIR Static Eliminators provide effective neutralization in spite of
obstructions, three dimensional configurations, web "rippling", etc. Tests have shown an EXAIR Static Eliminator positioned two feet (610mm) from the charged surface to be as effective as a static bar without air delivery positioned one-half inch (13mm) from the surface.
EXAIR offers systems for total static control. Wide ionized airstreams for large areas to narrowly focused ones for specific spots are available.  For static problems on moving webs, sheet, three dimensional parts, extrusions or packaging, EXAIR has a solution.

A Model 111118  18" Super Ion Air Knife prevents jamming with a balanced sheet of ionized airflow.

Quiet, Reliable And Low Air Consumption

The EXAIR static eliminators use engineered airflow products that enhance their ability to neutralize a static charge. They produce non- turbulent airstreams that carry the ions for greater distances. Compressed air consumption and noise are minimized while providing high volume, high velocity outlet flows.

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The Model 7492 Ion Air Cannon features a mounting stand and aimable air stream.

The Model 7493 Ion Air Gun is a
light weight, effective spot cleaner.

A Model 7901 (115V) or Model 7907 (230V) Power Supply is used to energize all static eliminators.

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EXAIR’s Model 7905 Static Meter
pinpoints the source and severity
of your static problems.

EXAIR Ionizing Bars are low cost solutions to static cling.

New Digital Static Meter Locates the Source!
Accurate, sensitive and responsive, the Model 7905 Static Meter allows easy one-hand static measurements.  It indicates the surface voltage and polarity on objects up to +/-20 kV at a spacing of one inch (25mm).  The Digital Static Meter features a push button "hold" for readings and automatic "power off".




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