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Disposable In-Line Filters

Sealed In-Line Filters
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In-line filters are designed to reduce unpleasant tastes and odors, as well as chlorine. But the best part is that they require no tools for easy installation or removal. Just one "click" and it's sealed. Spring loaded with automatic shut-off.

All in-line filters are designed for 6 month use.

IC-101 (Shown)
Give your customers clean, sparkling fresh, filtered ice cubes, while giving yourself the benefits of AMETEK's quick disconnect positive seal filters with 1/4" NPT.

  IL 501 (Shown)
Large diameter, high capacity In-line version of the IC-101, available with no fittings for use as post RO filtration and other OEM applications with 1/4" NPT. Flow rate up to 1 GPM for In-line undersink and food service applications.
Phosphate-feeding, scale-reducing cartridge is available in bulk with no fittings. The body style is the same as the IC-101 and TS-101. The SC-101 has a flow rate up to .75 GPM. 1/4" NPT. (Contains phosphate only).

TS-101, TS-501
All Ametek In-line filters are fully injection molded with a 125 psi pressure rating* - more durable than anything you'll find on the market today. Prevents scaling and reduces undesirable tastes and odors caused by chlorine. Perfect for food service applications.
Connections are 1/4" FPT and contain carbon and phosphate crystals. TS-101 series is available for residential use, and the TS-501 series for larger or commercial applications.

* As tested in accordance with NSF Standard #42 for permanent pressure vessels.



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WARNING: For drinking water applications, do not use water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the unit.
NOTE: The granular activated carbon cartridges may contain a very small amount of carbon fines (very fine black powder) and a new cartridge after installation should be flushed with sufficient water to remove all traces of the fines from your water system before using the water. Each time you use your filtered water tap for drinking or cooking purposes, it is recommended that you run (flush) the tap for at least 10 seconds prior to using the water. This is particularly important if the water tap has not been used daily.
NOTE: All materials of construction are FDA-compliant or NSF Standard 61 listed.

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