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FDC-4100 1/4 DIN PID Controller


High Accuracy, Flexible Control, Low Cost! Future Design's "100" series redefines the standard for 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN temperature controllers. Fast input scan rates ( 5 per second ), 18 bit input resolution and 15 bit output resolution as well as fuzzy modified PID control provide not only the highest accuracy, but temperature control minimizing over/under shoot while maintaining fast process response.

The "100" series can be configured with up to 3 control outputs (2 PID fuzzy + alarm). A fourth output can be configured for RS232/485 Modbus or PV analog retransmission. The 100 series can also be equipped with an isolated transmitter power supply when the second control output is not required.
Standard software functionality includes Fuzzy Logic + PID, soft start ramp, Lock out protection, bumpless transfer, user defined menu operation, timer function, and more. With isolated inputs/outputs, UL/cUL and CE, the 100 series is the clear choice for temperature control applications.

  • Fuzzy Logic PID Temperature Control
  • Up to three Control outputs
  • 5VDC & 14VDC SSR
  • Variety of Alarm modes
  • Transmitter Power Supply
  • SEL Function to arrange user menu
  • Nema 4X/IP65 protection available
  • FREE Data Acquisition Software - Multiview CFR21 Part 11 Features!
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