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FDC-IO Digital/Analog IO to Serial Modbus Modules

FDC-2500 Data Acquisition and Distributed IO High Resolution Modbus RTU Protocol IO Modules for PLC, HMI, SCADA, etc.

The FDC-IO Modules offer Analog & Digital IO modules (Modbus RTU slave) for data acquisition and other applications offering reliable low-cost solution for distributed IO applications to PLC’s, HMI’s and/or PC based SCADA systems. All modules have LED indicators for visualization of IO status (digital), fault diagnostic analysis and easy DIP Switch configuration for Modbus addressing from 1 to 127.

PC based configuration software, IO Studio, is provided and used for module configuration, viewing real time data and when necessary to check IO status. Module Modbus address is configured by DIP Switch.

The optional IO Studio Plus will be available 2009 offering a data acquisition PC software allowing IO modules to be connected directly to a PC [RS232/485], provides Real Time Viewer to display real-time data in digital values, bar graphs, trends, etc. as well as a Historical Data Viewer; a maximum of 1024 tags.

IO Studio Configuration Software: FDC-IO_Studio_v1.4_Configuration_Software.zip [22MB]

Specifications Manual
Digital Input & Output Modules
IO-16DI 16 Digital Input Module including Counters
IO-16DO 16 Digital Output Module
IO-4RO 4 Relay Output Module
IO-8DIO 8 Digital Inputs / 8 Digital Output Module
Analog Input Modules
IO-8AII 8 Analog Input 0-20mA / 4-20mA
IO-8AIIS 8 Analog Input 0-20mA / 4-20mA; Isolated
IO-8AIV 8 Analog Input 0-5/1-5 /0-10/2-10VDC
IO-8AIVS 8 Analog Input 0-5/1-5 /0-10/2-10VDC; Isolated
Analog Output Modules
IO-8AOI 8 Analog Output 0-20mA / 4-20mA
IO-8AOV 8 Analog Output 0-10 / 2-10 VDC
Thermocouple & RTD Input Modules
IO-6RTD 6 RTD Input Module
IO-8TC 8 Thermocouple Input Module
IO-8TCS 8 Thermocouple Input Module; Isolated
* Thermocouple Modules also accept 0-50mV and +/- 100mV
Combination Input & Output Modules
IO-DAIO 2 RTD and 2 Analog Inputs (mA/VDC), 1 Analog Output, 4 Digital Inputs & 2 Digital Outputs
FDC-PSR5R Power Supply - DIN Rail Mount, Input 85-264VAC / Outupt 24VDC 60 Watt
FDC-SN10A Converter RS232 to RS485
FDC-DB9M Serial Cable SN10A to PC, 6ft.
FDC-USB USB to Serial Converter if PC does not have a Serial Port
CA-2010-20 Serial RS485 M connection 2-wire 20ft
CA-CAT5E-P-7 Ethernet Cable CA-CAT5E-Patch-7ft
CA-CAT5E-P-25 Ethernet Cable CA-CAT5E-Patch-25ft
CA-CAT5E-P-50 Ethernet Cable CA-CAT5E-Patch-50ft
CA-CAT5E-P-100 Ethernet Cable CA-CAT5E-Patch-100ft
CA-CAT5E-X-7 Ethernet Cable CA-CAT5E-Crossover-7ft
CA-CAT5E-X-25 Ethernet Cable CA-CAT5E-Crossover-25ft