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FDC-Set DIN Control Configuration Software and Hardware


Future Design Controls 100, 300, B, C, L and P Series DIN controls incorporate a programming port as standard. When connected to a PC running FD-Set software [FREE] control configurations can be downloaded quickly & accurately

FDC-Set is applicable to FDC 300, 100, P and C Series Controls.
Connect the PC to the DIN control through the cable & power supply/converter. When configuring the instruments the controls are powered by the SN12A converter through the cable connection; the controls do not have to be powered via the power input terminals.
Open a default configuration for the appropriate control series in degrees C or F, change configuration to your requirements and download to the control. Or, once a control is configured through the its' front display/keypad upload its' configuration via FDC-Set. Included in the configuration are setpoint, alarm setpoint, PID settings, etc. Saving your configuration is easy following traditional Windows commands. Files "saved as" can be opened and downloaded to the controls.

Download the FDC-Set Software


FDC-Set Hardware requirements to connect to DIN controls

To utilize FDC-Set Software a SN12A converter and one of three different cable connections dependent upon control Series are required.

Part # Description Controller Series / Number
SN12A Converter Power & Serial Communication Converter 100, 300, B, C, L, & P Series Controls
Cables to Connect Controls to SN12A Converter
C91-1 Programming Port Cable C21, 9100, 8100, 4100, L41, P91, P41
C91-2  Programming Port Cable C91, C91, L91    
C91-3 Programming Port Cable 2500, 9300, 8300, 4300