Ogden's economical Bullet Heater is designed for high volume production, for low to medium watt densities to 100 watts per square inch and 1000 F sheath temperature. The swaged construction offers efficient operation and long life for applications where the high watt density capabilities of the Mighty Watt are not necessary. The BL Series features 12" flexible lead wires mechanically crimp connected to solid nickel pins. The BX Series offers 12" fully flexible fiberglass insulated lead wires. Any lead configuration from the previous Mighty Watt pages are available on the Bullet.


Prevents drain line freeze-up in commercial frozen food cases
  • Swaged for long life
  • Molded neoprene connector
  • Stainless steel sheath
  • Plugs into fan receptacle and heats constantly
  • 1/4" O.D. allows drain water to flow freely
Catalog Number Watts Volts Size
No. 2-2010 28W 120V 12" overall
No. 2-26 25W 120V 8" overall
 Available in 240V