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Babbitt RF Level Switch

The LS2100 is a 2-Wire Level Switch that can measure virtually any liquid or dry bulk solid. It can even sense the difference between oil and water. The proprietary radio frequency (RF) circuit has a wide turning range and exceptional temperature stability. When the probe is installed, it is calibrated in the absence of material touching the probe. When the desired product comes into contact with the probe, the milli-amp signal on the 24VDC Loop changes to indicate level. The 2-Wire design makes the LS2100 perfect for use with PLC'S and DCS systems. Often existing instrument pairs can be used. The probe is made of solid 316 stainless steel rod, the standard insulator is made from Teflon; the standard seals are double Viton "O" rings on the probe and insulator. All the electronics are housed in a cast aluminum explosion-proof enclosure.
Choice of Probe Design:
The LS2100 offers two standard probe designs. Our standard stainless steel rod is available in a variety of lengths and is suited for liquids or bulk solids. These probes can be coated with Halar in lengths up to 60 inches.The blind-end probe has no visible probe; the insulating material completely covers the sensing probe, making it a good choice for applications where a wet material build-up may foul a horizontally mounted probe. This is also a preffered probe for alarming when a line feed pump runs dry.
Flanged process connections and other materials of construction are available

Babbitt LS2100

All of the necessary calibration indicators are on-board so all you need to calibrate the LS2100 is a small screwdriver. The modular electronics make trouble-shooting and repair a snap. The entire unit is backed with a two year warranty.

Power: Loop Powered 16-32 VDC
Output: Normal - 8 mA; Alarm - 16 mA (Output is reversible)
Fail Safe: Selectable high or low level.
RF Frequency: Approximately 1.3 MHz.
Vessel Entry: 3/4" NPT
Conduit Entry: 3/4" NPT
Hazardous Area: Class I, Group C, D. Class II, Group E,F,G.
Temperature: Probe: -30 deg F to +400 deg F
Electronics: -30 deg F to 385 deg F
Pressure: 1000 psi @ 75 deg F.
Construction: Probe: All wetted parts 316SS, Teflon and Viton.
Electronics: Housed in cast aluminum explosion-proof enclosure.
Operation and Maintenance Manual
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

LS2100 RF Level Switch

Babbitt LS2100-24VDC-S Loop Powered Level Switch with 316SS Probe Babbitt LS2100-24VDC-S Loop Powered Level Switch with 316SS Probe
Code: BALS2100-24VDC-S
Price: $395.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Babbitt LS2100-115VAC-H Level Switch with Halar Coated Probe Babbitt LS2100-115VAC-H Level Switch with Halar Coated Probe
Code: BALS2100-115VAC-H
Price: $585.00
Quantity in Basket: none

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