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Babbitt RF Level Switch

The LS7000/2 dual-point RF level switch uses the proprietary radio frequency (RF) balanced impedence bridge. It is specifically designed to automatically fill or empty a tank, vessel or sump. The high and low set points are adjustable over the entire length of the probe. This unit works best in homogeneous liquids.
The dual-point level switch uses a single relay and an on-board latching circuit for automatic operation. No external latching relays or holding contacts are required Simply wire the relay output in series with the pump starter.
To automatically fill a vessel, select "AUTO-FILL" on the electronics, and the relay will energize when the material is below the "LOW" set point. The pump will turn on and continue to run until the level reaches the "HIGH" set point, then shut off. For "AUTO-EMPTY", the relay action is reversed.
The probe is made of solid 316 stainless steel rod and the insulator is made of Teflon. A Halar coating on the probe is required in all electrically conductive liquids. The seals are made with Viton Fluoroelastomer "O" rings. All the electronics are housed in a cast aluminum explosion-proof enclosure.

For electrically conductive materials, a Halar coated probe is required

Babbitt LS7000/2 Dual Point Level Switch

All the necessary calibration indicators are on-board so all you need to calibrate the LS7000/2 is a small screwdriver. The modular electronics make trouble shooting and repair a snap. The entire unit is backed by our two year warranty.

Power: 120VAC (+/- 15%) 50/60Hz, 2 watts, standard. 230VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC are optional.
Output: 2 Form C contacts, DPDT relay, 5Amp resistive at 125VAC, 230VAC; 30VDC.
On-Board Fuse 0.5 Amp
Operation: Selectable AUTO-FILL or AUTO-EMPTY.
RF Frequency: Approximately 1.3 MHz.
Vessel Entry: 1" NPT
Conduit Entry: 1" NPT
Hazardous Area: Class I, Group C, D. Class II, Group E,F,G.
Temperature: Probe: -30 deg F to +450 deg F
Electronics: -40 deg F to 385 deg F
Note - High temperature ratings are available, contact the factory with your application data.
Pressure: 1500 psi @ 75 deg F.
Note - High pressure ratings are available, contact the factory with your application data.
Construction: Probe: All wetted parts 316SS, Teflon and Viton.
Electronics: Housed in cast aluminum explosion-proof enclosure.
Operation and Maintenance Manual
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

LS7000/2 RF Dual Point Level Switch

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