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Ogden MT Might-Tuff Strip Heaters


Mighty-Tuff Strip heaters can be supplied with any lead configuration as shown on Mighty-Tuff Bank Heater section, such as Type F, C, A, R or P. The illustration is with Type C Armor Cable protected leads.
The Mighty-Tuff Strip Heater provides high temperatures, extreme watt densities and quick responses in applications where previously, any other type of strip heater could not be considered. Heat is transferred rapidly from the resistance element to the sheath for lower internal temperatures and long life. The thin but rugged design can produce high sheath temperatures at high watt densities. The Mighty-Tuff is versatile with the availability of widths to 6" and lengths to 42". In the most difficult application or in normal use, the Mighty-Tuff will significantly improve strip heater performance. Careful consideration in clamping strip heaters to the surface will improve heat transfer and extend heater length of service.
2-1/2" wide Mighty-Tuff with SG terminals. SG terminals are perpendicular to the length and have 10-24 threads. Available on 2" and wider.
7/8" wide Mighty-Tuff Strip Heater with SE terminals. 10-24 threads with a terminal at each end is the standard design.
2-1/2" wide Mighty-Tuff with SG terminals and 3/8" diameter mounting holes.
7/8" wide Mighty-Tuff with SE terminals and 3/8" diameter mounting holes

Mighty Tuff Strip

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