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SP200 Miniature Peristaltic Pumps
APT Instruments

SP200 Mini OEM Peristaltic Pumps

The SP200 mini peristaltic pumps are ideal for slightly higher flow ranges than our SP100 pumps. Choose from a large number of models for the product that best suits your application.
Fixed-Flow Pumps
SP200FOC — These fixed-speed cased pumps provide constant, low-flow metering of chemicals and nutrients. Select from a wide range of flow rates. On/Off toggle switch for simple control. SP200FOC Fixed speed cased pump
SP200FC — These fixed-flow pumps have a variety of control options, including remote capabilities, for more versatility. Select from a wide range of flow options. SP200FC fixed flow cased pump
SP200TDS — The SmallPumps TDS timed dispensing pumps are specifically designed for metering chemicals by incorporating the SP200 FOHD pumps and a 24-hour or 7-day timer to aid in dosing chemicals in a wide array of applications. SP200TDS dispensing pump
Variable-Flow Pumps
SP200VC — The SP200 variable-flow pumps are great for many applications. Simply turn the knob and you can change the flow rate. Tune the pump for your application. A variety of manual, remote control and power options are available. SP200VC variable flow cased pump
OEM Applications
SP200FO — These small fixed-flow pumps are a great, cost-effective way to move small amounts of fluid easily. These models run on AC power. (Case Optional) SP200FO fixed flow OEM pump
SP200VO — These are an ideal way to vary the flow in your application. Simply change the voltage (DC) being used by the pump and you can change your flow ranges. (Case Optional) SP200VO variable flow OEM pump
SP200VOBL — These brushless DC powered pupms are capable of maintaining various rotational velocities. Their brushless design ensures longer life for the motor of the pump. (Case Optional) SP200VOBL peristaltic pump with brushless motor
SP200FOHD — These heavy-duty SP200 fixed speed pumps draw an AC and are capable of higher RPMs than the regular version of SP200s. (Case Optional) SP200FOHD Heavy Duty Peristaltic pump
SP200VOHD — The SP200 heavy-duty variable speed pumps are similar to their fixed-speed counterparts, however they are capable of changing and maintaining different velocities. (Case Optional) SP200VOHD Heavy Duty variable speed pump
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SP200 Mini Pumps

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