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Powerblanket 30 Gallon Insulated Drum and Barrel Heaters

30 Gallon Insulated Drum Heaters

  • Heat metal & plastic drums quickly
  • Easy wrap blanket connects in seconds
  • Protect delicate materials from freezing
  • Warm paints, food, oils, water, chemicals
  • Only pennies a day to operate!
  • Patented heat spreading technology heats evenly!
Adobe PDF File Blanket Heater Brochure

For those looking for a slightly smaller drum heater, the powerblanket Barrel & Drum blankets are sized for a 30 gallon drum with a built in thermostats (please note: temps may vary +/- 10°). powerblanket drum heaters come with adjustable bungy straps to ensure proper fit of larger and smaller 30 gallon barrels. The drum heaters come ready to use. Unroll, wrap around your barrel, and plug into any outlet. These barrel- blanket heaters weigh only 7 Lbs and wrap around the entire barrel. This produces a fast, even, consistant heat. The built in thermostat will ensure never over heating or under heating your material.

Each barrel-blanket heater has a 6ft. male end cord and a 6ft. female end cord. Four to Five of these blankets can be plugged together on one 20 amp outlet. The Barrel Blanket draws 3.33 to 4.35 amps each (model dependent). Lower amperage draw powerblanket drum heaters can be custom made to be plugged into 12volts (cigarette lighter). This allows for Barrel Heaters to be used during transportation of materials. Our larger sized Multi-Duty powerblankets are used on top of large numbers of drums for freeze protection. The powerblanket Barrel Warmer is a step above the competition in pricing, durability & functionality. It is now affordable to protect, heat and maintain manufacture material specifications. Try one and see for yourself.

The PBEH0202 2x2 Powerblanket can be used on top or on bottom of the barrel to bring the material to a desired temperature even faster.

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30 Gal Drum Blanket Heaters

30 Gal Drum Blanket Heater 30 Gal Drum Blanket Heater
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