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Air Amplifiers
%OUI% Air Amplifiers

Vent, Exhaust, Cool, Dry and Clean with No Moving Parts

Streamtek Air Amplifiers do big air handling jobs with a small amount of compressed air. Use them open or ducted, the same way you'd use a vacuum system, blower, or fan to handle dust, smoke, fumes or granular, light materials, or stringy material.
Adjustable Air Amplifier
Air Amplifier Comparison
  Temperature Rating Sound Level Corrosive Applications Description
Aluminum 275°F (135°C) Variable No 1-1/4" to 4" (32 to 102 mm)
Stainless Steel (Type 303) 400°F (204°C) Variable Yes 1-1/4" to 4" (32 to 102 mm)
Hi-Temp Stainless Steel (Type316) 700°F (371°C) Variable Yes 1-1/4" or 2-1/2" (32 or 64 mm)
Hi-TempAir Amplifier

Exair A simple, low cost way to move air, smoke, fumes, and light materials. Air Amplifiers utilize the coanda effect, a basic principle of fluidics, to create air motion in their surroundings. Using a small amount of compressed air as their power source, Air Amplifiers pull in large volumes of surrounding air to produce high volume, high velocity outlet flows.  Quiet, efficient Air Amplifiers will create output flows up to 25 times their consumption rate.
Adjustable Air Amplifier

Air Amplifier Comparison

  Efficiency Sound Level Mounting Flange Flow Adjustment Temp. Rating Corrosive Applications
Super Air Amplifier High Low Yes With Shims 275°F (135°C) No
Aluminum Adjustable Air Amplifier Medium Variable No Infinite (No shims) 275°F (135°C) No
Stainless Steel Adjustable Air Amplifier Medium Variable No Infinite (No shims) 400°F (135°C) Yes
High Temperature Air Amplifier High Low No With Shims 700°F (374°C) Yes
Super Air Amplifier

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