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FDC Orion-M Control System
FDC Orion-M Control System
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    Price: $1,475.00
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    Application Software:
    Digital Inputs (DIN Rail Mount - plug into Control Module CPU):
    FDC-ORION-M Control System

    The Orion-M Control System is an advanced single & multi-loop, monitor point, and logic controller with integrated LAN features. The Orion-M offers data acquisition, recipe (ramp/soak), alarm, audit trail file management, multi-level user rights based security, powerful LAN features and more. Orion-Ms modular design and standard features meets the automation needs of a wide range of process equipment.

    The Orion-M uses separate hardware for the Graphic User Interface (GUI), logic control module and loop controls providing greater system integrity and installation flexibility. The Orion-M allows up to 15-loop controls, 8-monitor inputs (t/c, RTD or linear mA/VDC), 16 digital inputs & 24 digital outputs providing a flexible, low cost easy to use Operator Interface and SCADA control solution.

    Standard User Interface (GUI) & Control Module Application Software
    • FDC-2010 Windows CE 5.7 Color Touch Screen with Ethernet, 2 USB and 2 Serial ports
      Control Module includes the following components:
    1. FC5A-D16RS1: Control Module CPU with on-board
    2. 8-digital input (24VDC)
    3. 8-digital outputs (6-relay/2TTL)
    4. FC4A-PM64: 64KB Memory Card
    5. FC4A-PT1: Real Time Clock
    6. FC4A-HPC3: Modbus port,
    7. FC4A-HPC3: RS485 Modbus port (connect FC5A CPU to display)
    8. CA2011-8A: Cable from FC5A CPU to display (8ft)
    9. GE1A-C10MA110 / SR2P-06: Reset Timer and socket (DIN Rail)
    10. USB Memory 1GB: USB Memory Stick (3VDC)
    11. PS5R-SD24: Power Supply (Input: 85-264VAC, Output: 24VDC 60 Watt (2.5 amp)
    • FD30: Orion software for FDC 300 Series controls
    • HW25: Orion software for Honeywell 250
    • Other Software - coming soon
      HW32: Orion software for Honeywell 3200
      WTSD: Orion software for Watlow SD
      WTF4: Orion software for Watlow F4
      YK75: Orion software for Yokagawa UT-UP750
      YK55: Orion software for Yokagawa UT-UP550
      YK35: Orion software for Yokagawa UT-UP350
      ER35: Orion software for Eurotherm 3500
      ER22: Orion software for Eurotherm 2200
      DHPL: Orion software for Danaher West/Partlow Plus Series

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