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A/CO2-T Series Carbon Dioxide Sensors with Temperature Sensor
A/CO2-T Series Carbon Dioxide Sensors with Temperature Sensor
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    Price: $570.00
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    Temperature with Override and Comm. Jack
    Temperature with Setpoint and Override (+$15)
      A/C02-Software (+$100)
    A/CO2-T Carbon Dioxide Transmitter

    The A/CO2-T transmitters monitor both the temperature and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in industrial and living environments. The concentration of CO2 is a good indication of the indoor air quality (IAQ).

    All units come with both a 4-20 mA and 0-10 VDC analog output. A resistive type temperature sensor is available with options including Override, Setpoint, and RJ-14 Communication Jack. By combining both the temperature and CO2 sensors in one package, installation and maintenance is greatly simplified. The concentration of CO2 is measured using a Single Beam Absorption Infrared Diffusion sampling method. The CO2 transmitter is also equipped with a patented ABC LogicTM (Automatic Background Calibration) software. The ABC LogicTM software virtually
    eliminates the need for manual calibration in applications where the indoor CO2 level drops to outside levels during unoccupied periods. The ABC LogicTM will not work properly in applications where the space is left unoccupied for less than 4 hours per day or where there are industrial sources of carbon dioxide. Upon initial installation, a warm up period of more than 2 minutes is required to get an accurate reading.

    The A/CO2-T series carbon dioxide transmitters are only offered in room configurations. The room transmitter will mount directly to a standard 2” x 4” junction box and is encased in a beige enclosure.

    All units come with a two year warranty.

    Discounted Pricing available for contractors, resellers and volume purchases
    Contact us at Tel: 925-706-7433 or

    A/CO2-T Specifications
    Supply Voltage 18 to 30 VAC, 50/60 Hz Half-Wave Rectified
    +18 to 42 VDC, Polarity Protected
    Power Consumption 1.75 VA average power, 3.25 VA peak power
    Measurement Range CO2 0 to 2000 ppm
    Output Signal CO2 4 to 20 mA (RL max=500 Ohms)
    0 to 10 VDC (source 100 mA, Sink 10 mA)
    Accuracy @ 72°F (22°C) +/- 100 ppm or +/- 7% whichever is greater
    Stability < 2% of FS over 15 years, Typical
    Response Time 0 to 90% < 2 minutes
    Operating RH Range 0% to 95% RH, non-condensing
    Sensor Life 15 Years Typical
    Operating Temperature Range 59 to 90°F (15 to 32°C)
    Resistive Temperature Sensor See Ordering Information
    “Night Setback” Override Shorts the temperature when depressed

    Setpoint Option

    See ordering Information
    Agency Approvals CE, FCC Port 15 Class B, CA Energy Commission
    PDF File A/CO-T Brochure A/CO-T Installation Manua

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