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   Level Controls Non-Contact
   Level Switches
     RF Level Switches
     Float Level Switches
       Series 10-782 Float Level Switches
       Series 10-785 Side Mount Switches
       Series 10-788 Shielded Side Mount
       Series 10-792 Bulkhead Switches
       Series 10-795 Shielded Vertical Mount
       Series 10 Custom Switch Systems
       Series 15-650 Side Mount
       Series 20 Heavy Duty Switches
   Liquid Level Gage
   Level Transmitters
Sensors & Transmitters


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Flow and Liquid Level Sensing switches from Compac Engineering - Erecta Series
Flow and Level Switches from Compac Engineering - Erecta Switch

Float Level Switches

Compac Engineering Erecta Switch Liquid Level Sensing Switches

Single Point Level Switches

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ES15-650 Side Mounted Level Switch

ES10-782 Float Level Switch

ES10-785 Side Mounted Float Level Switch

ES10-788/10-782PP Shielded Side Mounted Level Switch

ES10-792 Bulkhead Vertical Mount Level Switch

ES10-795 Shielded Vertical Mount Level Switch

ES15-650 Side Mounted Level Switch

Series 10 Custom Level Switch Systems

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ES10-101 1/4" Bulk Head Mount

ES10-102 1-1/4" Receptacle Mount

ES10-103 2" Receptacle Mount

ES10-104 Flange Receptacle Mount

Series 20 Heavy Duty Switch Configurations

The Compac Engineering ERECTA SWITCH Series 20 Pump Control System is designed to handle industrial control jobs like switching contactors, motor starters and solenoid valves. 20s use the Yaskawa Control Bestact™ hermetically sealed switch element. All Compac Engineering ERECTA SWITCH series 20 switches can operate with a 3 amp inductive load!

The 20 Series use a common parts set and assembly style. Complementary Compac Engineering ERECTA SWITCH components make length, switch action, switch position, mounting and electrical interface a matter of choice. Disciplined assemblies and precision parts make field repairs practical.

The 20 Series switches and pump control configurations are valuable in AC and DC industrial control applications where compact size, corrosion resistance, long life and repairability are important for high-low pump control, electroplating, semiconductor processing, diesel day tanks, etc...

ES20 ES20-611 Single Point Liquid Level Switch

ES20-613 2" Top Mount Receptacle Switch Set

ES20-202 HI-LOW 2-Station Control Set

Float Level Switches

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