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   Level Controls Non-Contact
   Level Switches
     RF Level Switches
     Float Level Switches
       Series 10-782 Float Level Switches
       Series 10-785 Side Mount Switches
       Series 10-788 Shielded Side Mount
       Series 10-792 Bulkhead Switches
       Series 10-795 Shielded Vertical Mount
       Series 10 Custom Switch Systems
         ES10-101 Switch System (1/4" Bulkhead)
         ES10-102 Switch System (1-1/4"NPT Mtg)
         ES10-103 Switch System (2"NPT Mtg)
         ES10-104 Switch System (Flange Mtg)
       Series 15-650 Side Mount
       Series 20 Heavy Duty Switches
   Liquid Level Gage
   Level Transmitters
Sensors & Transmitters


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Compac Engineering Erecta Switch Series 10-Custom

Series 10 Custom Level Switch Systems

Compac Engineering Erecta Switch Series10 single and Multiple Float Level Switch

The Compac Engineering ERECTA SWITCH Series 10 Liquid level sensing product employs modular design to reduce OEM engineering cost, hardware cost and labor cost. Custom fabricated sensors are a thing of the past, replaced by our established tooled products. Special mounting, extended stems, multi-level sensing instruments all originate from stock parts making them inexpensive, and easy to get. All Compac Engineering ERECTA SWITCH solutions are manufactured in Polypropylene, Acetal and PVDF Kynar offering compatibility across the broadest range of applictions.

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ES10-101 1/4" Bulk Head Mount (Single Point)

ES10-102 1-1/4" Receptacle Mount (One to Two Points)
ES10-103 2" Receptacle Mount (One to Four Points)
ES10-104 Flange Receptacle Mount (One to Four Points)

Series 10 Custom Switch Systems

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