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pH digital transmitter Burkert Type 8205
Burkert Fluid Control Systems

8205 Digital pH Controller with Display

8205 8205a 8205b 8205c Burkert 8175 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
• Easy system integration by Easy LINK provides low cost of ownership
• Compact version with integrated pH-electrodes
• Programmable pH-transmitter functions for easy pH-measuring systems solutions
• Remote version with separate transmitter away from sensor for short and long distances
• Large range of connections with different fittings like threads, Triclamp® or sanitary versions
• Easy commissioning due to multi-language, menu guided operation
• For use in both pipes and tanks using custom fitting or submersion kits
• Individual adjustment of all measuring ranges
Adobe PDF File Technical Data Sheet Digital pH-Controller
Technical Data Sheet Digital pH-Transmitter

Compact pH-Controller Type 8205
The pH-controller compactly combines a pH-sensor and a PID-controller with display in a splash-proof plastic NEMA 4 enclosure. The sensor component consists of a replaceable combination pH-electrode, screwed into the sensor housing. The measured signal is conveyed to the controller via a coax plug. The Pt1000 for automatic temperature compensation is a standard feature in the sensor housing. The controller component converts the measured signal and displays the actual value and computes the command signals. Compact version for fitting Types S020 and 1500 / 1501.
Remote pH-Controller Type 8205
The pH-transmission system combines a pH-sensor Type 8200 and a remote pH-controller Type 8205 with display. The 8205 remote PID-controller is available in a panel-mounted version and in a wall-mounted plastic NEMA 4 enclosure.
pH-Sensor Type 8200
A wide range of pH-sensors with different characterized electrodes and process connections offers a large range of mounting and pH-measurements.
The Pt1000 for automatic temperature compensation is available as an optional feature in the pH-sensor housing.
Remote indication with a separated controller module for wall or panel mounting is connected over coaxial cable with pH-sensor Type 8200 for distances up to 15 feet (longer distances up to 1500 feet on request).
Sensor Type 8200 is used for mounting on different fitting types like S020, 1500 / 1501, TriClamp ® or sanitary versions.

Electrodes for compact version Type 8205  
Part / Type
Housing glass shaft glass shaft glass shaft glass shaft glass shaft glass shaft
Fluid Pressure 0 -6 bar
(0 - 87 psi)
0 - 3 bar
(0 - 44 psi)
0 - 2 bar
(0 - 29 psi)
0 - 2 bar
(0 - 29 psi)
0 - 6 bar
(0 - 87 psi)
0 - 7 bar
(0 - 100 psi)
Fluid Temperature 0 - +90°C 0 - +130°C 0 - +60°C 0 - +40°C 0 - +90°C 10 to 80°C
Max. Pressure and Temperature 4 bar (58 psi) 2 bar (29 psi) 2 bar (29 psi) 2 bar (29 psi) 4 bar (58 psi) 7 bar (100 psi)
Diaphragm zircon dioxide zircon dioxide 3x zircon dioxide single pore single pore polyethylene
Reference electrolyte gel gel KCI 3-Molar polymerized polymerized methyl cellulose

pH and ORP

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