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Ultrasonic Non-Contact Level Transmitter from Burkert

8175 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

8175 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter 8175c 8175 8175b Burkert 8175 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
• Teach-In function for easy commissioning provides low Total Cost of Ownership
• Simulation function for system tests under dry run conditions
• Link with 4-20 mA current output for continuous control relay outputs and fail-safe logic
• Multi-language, menu-guided operation with 8 digit alphanumeric display
• Intelligent echo filter for automatic rejection for pertubating echoes
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View the Type 8175 PDF File for in-depth technical data

The Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Type 8175 combines an ultrasonic sensor and a transducer with a large 8-digit multi-language display in a splash-proof plastic NEMA 4 enclosure. The transmitter is powered with 18-32 VDC (optionally 115/230 VAC) and features a three-wire 4-20 mA output for direct controlling a continuous control valve, a PLC, or for monitoring. Two optional 3A relays can be configured as alarms or latched for automatic fill or empty operations. The transmitter Type 8175 includes a range of fail-safe features. Signal loss, power supply failure, level or temperature alarm can be activated with an adjustable time delay. A range of filter functions control the return echoes and automatically eliminate all interference due to elements of the vessel.

Easy and fast commissioning is guaranteed with the “Teach-In” and “Simulation” functions. Different tank shapes (cylindrical, cubic, spherical) can be easily programmed via fixed default shapes or at complex tank shapes step by step. The measured value can be shown as a level, a distance (in cm, m, inch or feet), or direct as a volume (liter, m 3 , imp. gal, U.S. gal). The simulation functions allow the system to be tested under dry-run conditions.

Burkert offers the Ultrasonic Level Transmitter together with process control valves as a complete, easy to control system. Easy commissioning, installation and operation makes the Burkert level control system number one in cost of ownership.

Burkert Ultrasonic Transmitters

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