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APT Instruments, Meters Pumps Wireless Electronics
APT Instruments

APT Instruments


Meters Pumps Wireless Electronics


Air Velocity Monitor the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system or the force of the wind in your outdoor location.

Conductivity Conductivity is an important parameter indicating the quality of water and other liquids.

Dissolved Oxygen Dissolved oxygen is an important quality indicator of water and other liquids

Flow Meters Monitor or control the flow rate of your fluid for better control and feedback.

Data Loggers Battery operated data loggers allow you to monitor a wide range of environmental conditions - temperature, humidity, pressure, pH, etc. Compact size allows these instruments to fit almost anywhere. Intrinsically safe models available.

Dissolved Oxygen Oxygen levels for important for biocompatibility. Portable devices can be used to monitor lakes and streams.

pH Meters pH is a quick measurement that gives the relative hydrogen ion concentration activity for a liquid. It is becoming an everyday measurement that is as important in laboratory research, municipal water treatment, process control and preventative maintenance

Pressure Test problem areas or verify sensor operation with our portable manometers. Digital display provides immediate feedback of sensor measurement. Select from several models with differing pressure ranges.

Refractometers Refractive Index is a simple way to monitor fluid concentrations for many different materials including sugar, water, protein, glycol, battery acid and many more. We have two different refractometer products that will provide cost-effective solutions to your test and measurement requirements.

Relative Humidity Environmental measurements are easy with these low cost instruments. Select from models with varying accuracy and display sizes. The low cost transmitter is ideal for long term monitoring requirements.

Sound Level Portable instruments for quick sound level pressure measurements. Weighted ANC scales, large displays and signal output options are some popular features for our sound level meters

Temperature Monitor temperature with a wide range of cost-effective options. Select from non-contact infrared thermometers, versatile thermocouples or high accuracy RTDs

APT pH MeterAPT Sound Level MeasurementAPT Pressure Manometers
APT Flowmeter
APT RefractometersAPT Temperature Sensing


Wide range of small fluid transfer pumps to meet your application requirements. Most pumps are designed for liquids, but check out the vacuum pressure pumps for your air transfer applications. Select from our range of tubing and fittings to tie the whole system together.

Peristaltic Pumps Limit exposure of your fluid to only the tubing. These self-priming pumps adapt easily to many intermittent or specialty pump applications. Change the tubing to renew the pumps and/or change compatibility. Reversible, self-priming, handles particulates and viscous fluids easily.

Diaphragm Puumps Rugged range of pumps for higher pressure metering applications. Accurate, repeatable metering of chemicals for process control. Small pump options adapt easily to OEM instrument requirements. Pulsatile flow, self-priming, can run dry, and in some cases handle low levels of particulates

Gear Pumps Deliver smooth fluid transfer with higher pressures than a centrifugal pump with these compact pumps. Non-reversible, cannot run dry or handle particulates, limited self-priming. Accurate metering

Piston Pumps Higher pressures are available with this pump style. Accurate metering of chemicals. Works well with clean fluids. Do not run dry or use with particulates

Vacuum / Pressure Pumps These air transfer pumps can be used to provide vacuum or pressure to your system. Most commonly diaphragm pumps, the valves are designed to work with air pressure or vacuum requirements

Tubing & Fittings Connecting sensors, pumps, valves and instrumentation together for smooth fluid transfer is an important part of all systems. Fitting and tubing options found here are a few of those that we have available. It is important to consider size, compatibility, durability and cost when installing these components. The tubing and fittings listed here are ideal for extension tubing for the pumps listed on this web-site. Check the specific pump page for replacement pump tubing.

APT Pumps
APT Tube and Fittings


RF Transmitters RF transmitters provide a wireless transfer of monitoring and control signals between sensors, monitors, controllers and data collection devices. Wireless systems simplify installations for hard to reach locations and eliminate ground loop problems. These instruments have already been pre-approved for use and are ready for immediate installation.

Data Loggers These special versions of our DL100 data loggers provide wireless datalogging up to 0.5mi.
Transmit intervals are preprogrammed from 30 seconds to a few times per day. Stagger the start times of several units to stagger their transmit intervals and receive the data in one software setup

APT RF Transmitters

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