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HTM Capacitive Proximity Sensors
HTM Sensors

Proximity Sensors - Capacitive Sensors

HTM Sensors has capacitive sensors for the reliable detection of liquids, plastics, powders and pastes. We have a wide range of Capacitive Sensors, including sensors with metal or plastic housings, pre-wired and quick connect types, AC and DC models in both shielded (flush-mount) and non-shielded (non-flush mount) configurations.

Sizes M8, M12, M18, M30 and M32 are available from stock.

New Food Grade Capacitive Sensors with a stainless steel barrel and a PTFE sensing face are ideal for food applications.

  M12 Capacitive Sensors M18 Capacitive Sensors M30 Capacitive Sensors M32 Capacitive Sensors  
Capacitive Sensors M12 Capacitive Sensor M18 Capacitive Sensor M30 Capacitive Sensor M32 Capacitive Sensor  
PDF File Capacitive Sensor Datasheet

Capacitive Proximity Sensors

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