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   Level Transmitters
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Tel: 1-925-706-7433 - Level switches, transmitters, gauges and controls

Level Transmitters

Level Transmitters Non-Contact

Burkert Control Systems Babbitt International  

Babbitt International - Level Switches and Controls


Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

Babbitt ABM300/400 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter with simple pushbutton calibration
Type 8175 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (discontinued product, replace with Type 8176, 8177 or 8178)
Type 8176 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, non contact; for fluids and solids
Type 8177 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, non-contact; for liquids and solids
Type 8178 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, non-contact; for water and waste water management

Radar Level Transmitters

Babbitt ABM300/400 Radar Level Transmitters
Burkert Type 8136 Radar Level transmitter, for aggressive media level measurement up to 20m
Burkert Type 8137 General purpose high pressure radar level transmitter, compact for measurement up to 30m
Burkert Type 8138 Sanitary and flange radar level transmitter, compact for measurement up to 20m

Guided Microwave Level Transmitters

Burkert Type 8185 Guided microvave universal level transmitter; rod or cable version; with ATEX approval
Burkert Type 8186 Guided microwave level transmitter - aseptic version; with rod probe; with ATEX approval


Level Controls Non-Contact

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