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Bukert 6011

Type 6011 Miniature Solenoid Valve with threaded port and Sub-base connections

Burkert 6011 Solenoid Valve
2/2-Way, Miniature Solenoid Valve
NPT 1/8, 0 - 300PSI
Normally Closed
  • Coil can be changed easily with valve in place
  • Coil can be locked in 4x90° positions or move freely between positions, as required
  • High quality FKM seal material standard 
View Information or Specification information in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format View PDF Technical Data Sheet
6011 Subase
Direct acting. Brass body valve for neutral gases and liquids such as compressed air, water, hydraulic oil. Stainless steel valve for more difficult and slightly aggressive media. Suitable for technical vacuum.
Technical Data  
Pressure Range 0 - 170 PSI
Temperature media +14°F ... +212°F
Ambient temperature +131°F, max.
Body material Brass, Stainless steel 
Seat material FKM
Coil material Polyamide
Power consumption DC: 4W;  AC: 9W (inrush), 6 VA (hold)
Protection class with cable plug IP 65 (standard delivery: cable plug DIN 43 650 C, 0-250V)
Options - Wide range of cable plug options, Type 2506 with LED and varistor

Type 6011 Miniature 2/2-Way

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