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Vaisala WS425 WINDCAP® Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
Vaisala Instruments

WS425 WINDCAP® Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

ES425 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

Provides the most accurate and maintenance free wind measurements for demanding applications. Ideal for replacing mechanical sensors.

  • Measures wind speed and direction from the smallest breeze to hurricane force gales (0...65 m/s), including gusts
  • Superior data availability and accuracy in all wind directions due to the patented three transducer layout
  • Analog, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and SDI-12 outputs
  • No moving parts: virtually maintenance free
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Heated model available
  • US National Weather Service relies on Vaisala ultrasonic technology
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Wind speed

Measurement range
      serial output
      analog output
Starting threshold
Delay distance
Accuracy (range 0...65 m/s)

0...65 m/s (0...144 mph, 0...125 knots)
0...56 m/s (0...124 mph, 0...107 knots)
virtually zero
virtually zero
0.1 m/s (0.1 mph, 0.1 knots, 0.1 km/h)
± 0.135 m/s (±0.3 mph, ±0.26 knots) or 3% of the reading, whichever is greater

Wind direction

Measurement range
Starting threshold
Delay distance
Accuracy (wind speed over 1 m/s)

virtually zero
virtually zero


Inputs and outputs

Operating power supply
      for heated model
Digital outputs

Analog outputs
      wind speed
      wind direction
            simulated potentiometer

10...15 VDC, 12 mA typical (analog)
36 VDC ±10%, 0.7 A
RS232, RS422 or RS485
SDI-12 Standard Data Interface

5 Hz/mph
8.0 mV/mph

0...Vrefrepresents 0...359°

Operating temperature


-40...+55 °C (-40...+131 °F)
-55...+55 °C (-67...+131 °F)

WS425 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

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