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GMM220 Series Carbon Dioxide Measurement Module


Vaisala's GMM220 series CO2 measurement modules incorporate the enhanced CARBOCAP® technology. The transmitters are optimized for integration into equipment for greenhouse control, incubators, fermentors, safety alarming and integrated systems. Many advanced features enable trouble-free control of CO2 levels also in demanding applications and harsh environments.

Download printable GMM220 Technical Inormation PDF file (114kb)
GMM220 Transmitter Module PDF file (183kb)

The GMM220 series transmitters are stable both in terms of time and temperature due to the CARBOCAP® sensor's constant reference measurement.

Truly interchangable probes make the GMM220 series transmitters very versatile. The probes do not only make calibration and field service easy they also enable a simple change of measurement range. Different power supply voltages and output options as well as different probe attachment gear are also available.


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