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Thermocouple with Plug Connector (Select to goto page)
Model C- Mineral Insulated Thermocouple with Connector. These durable thermocouples features plug or jack termination and can be quickly connected or disconnected. The connectors are color coded per ANSI specification
Industrial Process Thermocouple (Select to goto page)
Model IP- Industrial Process Thermocouple. Heavy duty use in permanent installation. Ideal for industrial applications. Threads directly into process or into a thermowell from our thermowell section. Use with a connection head and transmitter
Thermocouple with Transition (Select to goto page)
Model TR- Transition Thermocouple. These durable thermocouples feature 1/16" to ¼" OD x 6 or 12" long stainless or inconel sheaths with metal transition and teflon leads. 1" Spring transition for strain relief and options for termination
Hot Melt temperature sensors
Model AB- Adjustable Bayonet with Armor. Thermocouples for extruders. Ideal for measuring plastic processing machinery. 12" spring and Fixed models with right angle option available. Consult sales. Type J Thermocouple
Thermocouple Connectors and Accessories
Thermocouple Accessories





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