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Model D-AP RTD Air Probe. Drilled end exposes element for fast air flow measurements. Can be mounted with a compression fitting from our hardware section. Measurement tip rated to 500°F. 3/16" OD Standard 6 Inch "A"

Model D-IP Industrial Process RTD. Heavy duty use in permanent installation. Ideal for industrial applications. Threads directly into process or into a thermowell from our thermowell section. Use with a connection head and transmitter

Model D-SP Metal Sheath RTD with Leads. General purpose probe Ideal for insertion into  almost any application. 3 wire teflon leads 36" standard; 6 Inch "A" length; 1/8" diameter probe
Model 810 RTD 1/8" Tubular with 1/8"NPT process fitting. 316 Stainless steel welded construction.  Standard probe lengths are 1.5" and 4". Rated to 260°C. Standard assembly uses 100 ohm DIN385 class B
Model 850 8-32 Stainless Screw RTD. Great for O.E.M. applications and component testing. Rated to 260°C. Mount the sensor and use a controller from our controller section to control your application.
  Semi - Finished RTD. Designed for potting into tube or other fixture for strain relief. Optional 10 lb pull rating available were leads are subject to strain. 100 ohm platinum thinfilm element. Strain relieved leads
Part Number Description
TH 810-B-36-1.5 Model 810 RTD, 1/8" x 1.5" immersion, w/ 1/8" NPT Fitting
TH 810-B-36-4.0 Model 810 RTD 1/8" x 4.0" immersion w/ 1/8" NPT Fitting
TH 850-B-60 Model 850 RTD, 8-32 fitting

TH D-AP-3TT-B316-06-120ST RTD Air Probe 3/16" x 6"

TH D-SP-3TT-B18-06-36ST Metal Sheath RTD with Leads 1/8" OD, 6" Sheath
TH D-SP-3TT-B18-12-36ST Metal Sheath RTD with Leads 1/8" OD, 12" Sheath
TH D-SP-3TT-B316-06-36ST Metal Sheath RTD with Leads 3/16" OD , 6" Sheath
TH D-SP-3TT-B316-12-36ST Metal Sheath RTD with Leads 3/16" OD , 12" Sheath

TH D-SF-101-3GG-48B Semi Finished RTD .101" OD (16mmx1.013mm) 48" glass leads
TH D-SF-101-3TT-48B Semi Finished RTD .101" OD (16mmx1.013mm) 48" teflon leads
TH D-SF-135-3GG-48B Semi Finished RTD .135" OD (16mmx1.353mm) 48" glass leads
TH D-SF-135-3TT-48B Semi Finished RTD .135" OD (16mmx1.353mm) 48" teflon leads
TH D-SF-165-3GG-48B Semi Finished RTD .165" OD (16mmx1.653mm) 48" glass leads
TH D-SF-165-3TT-48B Semi Finished RTD .165" OD (16mmx1.653mm) 48" teflon leads
IP RTD PN Configuration
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