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FDC-4300 1/4 DIN Process Controllers


Series 4300 sets a new standard for 1/4 DIN controllers. Input sample rate of 5 scans per second and 3 Inputs (Universal, CT or analog remote SP and event input) come standard on the 4300. 18 bit A/D and 15 bit D/A offer the highest accuracy for industrial control applications.

The 4300 can be supplied with up to 2 PID control outputs, 2 alarms and communications (or analog retransmission), all in a 1/8 DIN package. The 4300 can also be equipped with a 20VDC/25mA power supply if output 2/alarm 2 is not required. Standard software functionality includes Fuzzy logic + PID, Ramp/Soak, timer function, pump control, dual setpoint (event selectable) and more. With isolated inputs/outputs, UL/CSA and CE, the 8300 can go anywhere and get the job done.

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