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FDC-C21 1/32 DIN Temperature Controllers


Single Display, High Accuracy, Low Cost! Future Design's "C" series raises the bar for 1/32 DIN single display temperature controllers. Fast input scan rates
( 5 per second ), 18 bit input resolution and 15 bit output resolution as well as fuzzy modified PID control provide not only the highest accuracy, but temperature control minimizing over/under shoot while maintaining fast process response.

The "C" series can be equipped with up to 2 control outputs that can be configured as two PID + fuzzy or single PID + fuzzy with alarm. A third output can be configured for RS232/485 Modbus communications or process retransmission (retrans on C21 only). Standard software functionality includes Fuzzy Logic + PID, soft start ramp, Lock out protection, bumpless transfer, user defined menu operation, timer function, and more. With isolated inputs/outputs, UL/cUL and CE, the "C" series is the right control for single display temperature control requirements

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