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Met One product line provides comprehensive solutions for airborne particle monitoring applications: Handhelds, portables, manifold systems, and remote sensors are available, with supporting data gathering and analysis software.

0.3 and 0.5 micron Particle Counting Solutions

Handheld Airborne Particle Counter - 2 Channel
• Battery or AC operation • RS232 to computer or printer • 0.3 micron sensitivity • Stores 100 samples • Counts 2 sizes simultaneously
Data Sheet (85K PDF)  
Handheld Airborne Particle Counter - 6 Channel
• Battery or AC operation • Built-in RH and Temp • 0.3 micron sensitivity at 0.1 cfm • Stores 500 records (options available) • Counts 6 sizes simultaneously
Data Sheet (85K PDF)  
228_229 Particle Counters MODEL 228/229
Particle Concentration Meter/Counter
• Battery-operated handheld  • 0.3 or 0.5 micron sensitivity at 0.1 cfm
• Quick evaluations of rooms or filters  
• Bright Red LED display for counts • Only 1.5 pounds (0.65 Kg.)
 Data Sheet (100K PDF) Process Monitoring
Indoor Air Quality
MODEL 237A/237B
Portable Airborne Particle Counter
• Battery-operated portable • 0.3 or 0.5 micron sensitivity at 0.1 cfm • Counts 2 to 6 sizes simultaneously • 4 counting modes • Built-in printer
Data Sheet (100K PDF) Process Monitoring
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