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Certified to UL/CSA Standards

Barrel HeatersBernstein Sensors
  • Heat metal & plastic drums quickly
  • Easy wrap blanket connects in seconds
  • Protect delicate materials from freezing
  • Warm paints, food, oils, water, chemicals
  • Only pennies a day to operate!
  • Patented heat spreading technology heats evenly!

Stop messing with hazardous heating belts and big bulky warming ovens. powerblanket takes the hassle out of heating and warming your drums and barrels.  Blankets can be ordered with built-in thermostats of 90°, 110°, 130°, or 160°  and offer adjustable clip straps to ensure proper fit for larger and smaller 55 gallon drums.  Our thermostats will ensure you never over or under heat your materials again. Each barrel-blanket heater has a 6 foot male & female cord allowing 4 blankets to be plugged together on a single 20 amp outlet.

powerblanket patented heat spreading technology has been engineered to bring your barrel materials to optimal temperatures safely and all for only pennies a day.  powerblanket heaters available in 5, 30, and 55 Gallon sizes.  Custom sizes available upon request.  Special orders don't upset us

55 Gallon Drum Insulated Blanket Heaters
30 Gallon Drum Insulated Blanket Heaters
15 Gallon Drum Insulated Blanket Heaters
5 Gallon Drum Insulated Blanket Heaters

Barrel Blanket Heater
TOTE Insulated Heaters

Powerblanket Tote Heaters are designed to warm, insulate, and protect temperature sensitive materials in ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS. The new TH330 tote heater is ideal for heating chemicals, rubber, epoxy, resins, water, and other temperature sensitive materials. Includes a GHT2000 adjustable thermostatic controller.
Think of it as our barrel heaters on steroids. Never let cold weather slow you down again!

Custom powerblanket Tote Heaters available for almost any size or shape tote or large pallet. Call us at 925-706-7433 for a custom price quote.

• 275 Gallon Tote Heater - (#TH275)
330 Gallon Tote Heater - (#TH330)

Process Communication products from Bernstein

The powerblanket™ Hot Box Heaters are an innovative, highly efficient and low wattage heating system for pallets and bulk materials. The patented heat spreading technology and structured box design creates a controlled environment perfect for heat soaking many temperature sensitive materials including rubber, epoxy, resins, and asphalt. Avoid costly waste and cold weather delays. Get powerblanket!

Hot Box - Material Warming 48 cu.ft. (#HB48)
• Hot Box - Material Warming 64 cu.ft. (#HB64)

Safety First Keep temperature sensitive materials warm, including bagged asphalt, resins, caulking, paint, epoxy and more. The powerblanket HP2000 Hot Pocket keeps heat soaked materials warm during transport, helping eliminate waste.

• Hot Pocket - Material Warmer (#HP2000)

Gas Cylinder and Propane Tank Heaters

Wrap your propane tanks and other gas cylinders in a powerblanket and maximize your gas mileage. Keep gases at optimal temperatures and reduce waste. Enhance performance and increase efficiency. Everyone knows when working with gases, each gas has its sweet spot. In a liquid propane (LP) tank for example, part of the volume is occupied by liquid and part is occupied by gas. The pressure of the gas is governed by the temperature of the liquid. Powerblanket GCW Gas Cylinder Warmers help heat and insulate propane to achieve maximum safe output.

Gases known to benefit from this process: SF6, Propane, Nitrogen, Oxygen, BCl3, WF6, and HF

20LB Propane Cylinder Tank Heater
30LB Propane Cylinder Tank Heater
40LB Propane Cylinder Tank Heater
PB 100LB Propane Cylinder Tank Heat
PB 420LB Propane Cylinder Tank Heat

Equipment Heating

Electric powerblanket motor warming and equipment heating blankets protect machinery from freezing in cold winter weather. Engineered to keep engine fluids warm, hoses & pipes safe, and machinery tubing from cracking and braking. Thousands of customers use our blankets to protect their outdoor appliances, equipment, and machinery in harsh winter climates. Just roll it out, plug it in, and watch how powerblanket's patented heat spreading technology heats and protects on contact.
The powerblanket is winterproof, waterproof, and virtually indestructible. Keep motors and equipment working all winter long with the powerblanket.

  • Heat outdoor motors, appliances, equipment
  • Protects machinery, engines, oil rigs, & more
  • 10 blanket sizes to choose from.
  • Only pennies a day to operate!


2x2 Battery Warmer - #EH0202
4x5 Motor Warmer - #EH0405
Extra-Hot 4'x9' Equipment Heater
Multi-Duty 2'x2' 12V Heater
Multi-Duty 4'x4' 12V Heater

Concrete Curing

Powerblanket is a revolutionary new heat spreading technology that utilizes electricity and patented materials to warm concrete evenly during the curing process, resulting in a rock-hard, crack-free finish. For use in both warm and cold weather climates to protect concrete from rapid drying, freezing and cracking. Powerblanket helps retain moisture in wet curing and brings it to the desired PSI quickly and efficiently. PowerBlanket electric concrete curing blankets can achieve a compressive strength in concrete of 4300 psi in only 9 hours with no cracking or defects.
The net result is a better finish and higher quality product for the customer.

  •  Prevents freezing, rapid drying, & cracking
  • Thaw frozen ground prior to pouring
  • Heat spreading technology cures concrete fast
  • Roll it out, Plug it in, the blanket does the rest
  • Accelerate your construction jobs all winter
  • Produces ROCK-HARD concrete every time 
  • Maintain optimal curing temperatures year-round
  • Only pennies a day to operate

2x2 Battery Warmer - #EH0202
4x5 Motor Warmer - #EH0405
Extra-Hot 4'x9' Equipment Heater
Multi-Duty 2'x2' 12V Heater
Multi-Duty 4'x4' 12V Heater
Multi-Duty 4'x4' 12V Heater

thaw frozen ground image


  • Thaw 8"-18" of ground overnight!
  • Power with any 20 amp outlet.
  • 8 blanket sizes to choose from.
  • Only pennies a day to operate!

Powerblanket thaws and heats frozen ground for concrete preparation, grave site excavation, sub-roughs, footings and other cold winter weather construction applications. Melt ice & snow and thaw driveways overnight. PowerBlanket will thaw frozen ground up to 5000% cheaper than other conventional ground heating systems (including propane, glycol, etc.).

Quit wasting time and money on big bulky systems that are difficult to manage   and  expensive to operate. Just roll out the PowrBlanket, plug it in to any 20 amp   wall outlet or generator, and stop worrying.   Patented technology evenly distributes radiant heat  for fast thawing & curing.   Male & female ends allow you to daisy chain dozens of blankets together to cover huge areas all at once if needed.  ExtraHot models available for even faster thawing.
Never let cold winter weather slow you down again. Get PowerBlanket!

23'x11" Multi-Duty THAW & CURE
3'x25' Multi-Duty HEAT, THAW, CURE
Extra-Hot 2'x2' Ground Thawer
Extra-Hot 4'x5' Ground Thawer
Extra-Hot 4'x9' Ground Thawer
Extra-Hot 6'x12' Ground Thawer
Multi-Duty 10'x10' Thawing
Multi-Duty 6'x25' Thawing
Glycol Ground Heating System GW1000
Glycol Ground Heating System GW3000

Roof and Floor Heating

POWERBLANKET outdoor heated blankets melt ice and snow fast. Model #EH0405 delivers targeted heat spreading technology directly to troubled spots. Keep roof and ground areas free of snow and ice all winter long.

Roof Ice & Snow Melting Mat 3x25
Roof Ice & Snow Melting Mat 4x5

Frozen Pipe Thawing

Powerblanket thaws frozen pipes fast and without the need for propane burners or bulky thawing equipment.  Powerblanket is easy to own and operate.  Simply plug powerblanket  into any wall outlet or generator and let the thawing begin.  It's fast, it's safe, and only pennies a day to operate.

Drop it, Roll it, fold it, kick it -  You cannot hurt the powerblanket!  Designed for cold weather applications, the powerblanket safely warms pipes and melts ice quickly. Powerblanket heat spreading technology is patented, proven, and less expensive than conventional thawing methods.

  • Thaw frozen pipes quickly & safely
  • No expensive propane burners needed
  • Simply plug in powerblanket to start thawing
  • Thaws Faster, Thaws Easier, Thaws Cheaper

Who uses powerblanket pipe thawing blankets?

  • Plumbers
  • Homebuilders
  • Construction companies
  • Road maintenance departments
  • Water and electric utilities
  • Pool companies
  • Rental companies



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