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Heatless Twin Tower

Heatless Twin Tower Specifications
Type of Contamination: Water Vapor
Flow Ranges: 2.8 SCFM - 410 SCFM (Consult factory for higher capacity units)
Voltage Requirement: 115-1-60 VAC, Power on Light
Thread Style: NPT
Heatless Twin Tower dimensions
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Tower sequencing lights
Power on light
Removable stainless steel retainer screen
Fill and drain ports
Cam timer
Shipped with desiccant
Galvanized steel cabinets
Added Features (PH80A - PH410A):
Moisture indicator
Adjustable purge
Control airline filter
Added Features (PH140A - PH410A):
ASME/CRN Stamped vessels
Tower pressure relief valve
Tower pressure gauges

Pre and After filter recommended to maximize service intervals and reduce downstream particulate migration



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