Weather-proof Cover

Weather Proof Cover

Weather Proof/Surface Mount Cover

The Weather Proof Cover is an accessory for the Series A family of products. The Series A has been designed to meet NEMA 4X standards when installed with the Weather Proof Cover, included gasket, and appropriately connected with a 3/4" or PG-21 conduit connection. The Weather Proof Cover also allows any Series A gauge or control to be surface mounted with the included hardware..


A-101 Weather Proof Cover
Opti-Link Programming Key

Obsolete - no longer available Opti-Linkô

Programming Keys

Opti-link is an infrared communications technology that allows the user to upload and download program parameters from one unit to another with a programming key. By using the PK-01 universal programming key, the user may program one unit, download those parameters to the universal programming key and then upload that same program from the key to other controls. By using a PK-02 lockout programming key, a user may completely lock (or unlock) the face keypad of the control to eliminate the possibility of unwanted tampering of the control.





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