HMI38 humidity data processor & HMP35E/36E/37E humidity and temperature probes
  OBSOLETE - Replaced with DM 70
The HMI38 humidity data processor together with the HMP35E, HMP36E or HMP37E humidity and temperature probes constitutes a versatile and easy-to-use system for accurate spot measurement of relative humidity and temperature. 
From these two variables the data processor can also calculate dewpoint and wet bulb temperature, mixing ratio and absolute humidity.

It can be used as a one or two-point calibrator for most Vaisala humidity and temperature transmitters. All measurements can be displayed on the LCD and output through the analogue output channels or via the RS serial interface.

-HMP35E is suitable for general purpose measurements
-HMP36E is meant for measurements in higher temperatures and difficult-to-reach places
-HMP37E has a long cable which makes it ideally suited for use in tight areas, and for the on-site calibration of Vaisala humidity transmitters.

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