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Dual-Gradient Density Cartridges for Big Blue Housings

DGD-Series Spun-Polypropylene Cartridges
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  • Eliminates the need for multiple housing step-down filtration systems
  • Three times the dirt holding capacity of similar larger diameter wound cartridges
  • Capable of flow rates up to 35 GPM
  • Pure polypropylene construction for excellent bacterial and chemical resistance

Advanced design combines selective "final filtration" with appropriate "pre-filtration" to achieve up to three times the dirt holding capacity of similar size sediment cartridges, and many times that of standard spun or string wound cartridges.

Both the pre- and post filter components of the DGD Series Cartridges are separate gradient density filters. Gradient density filters reduce larger particles, which would blind-off ordinary surface filters, on their outer layers while reducing the finer particles on their inner layers. This design maximizes utilization of the filtration media.

DGD-Series cartridges are made from bacteria resistant pure polypropylene which makes them ideal for all municipal, rural, residential and commercial applications. Combining two separate gradient layers in one filter further enhances cartridge performance. The larger diameter of the prefilter reduces the particle load to the post filter which allows it to operate at higher velocities. The effective filter depth is increased to a full 233% of the standart spun-polypropylene or string wound filters. This increased depth provides for very high particulate reduction efficiencies and added loading capabilities.
TYPE: Dual Gradient Density
CONSTRUCTION Polypropylene  
TEMPERATURE 40ºF to 145ºF (4.4ºC to 62.8ºC) DGD-2501 & DGD-2501-20
25 Fine
1 Extra-Fine
DIMENSIONS DGD - 4 1/2" X 10" (114 X 254 mm)
DGD-20* - 4 1/2" X 20" (114 X 508 mm)
DGD-5005 & DGD-5005-20
50 Medium
5 Medium-Fine
    DGD-7525 & DGD-7525-20
75 Coarse
25 Fine
* For use in 20" BB housings and BBFS systems.
NOTE: DGD-Series cartridges are designed for use in Ametek BB-Series housings only.

DGD Cartridge Catalog Data Sheet


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