The Mighty Watt "MX" with internal thermocouple is for applications where monitoring the internal temperature of the heater is necessary as over-heat protection or where material flow is close to the heater sheath as in plastic molding. 12" high temperature (850 F/450 C) leads are standard. When ordering, specify whether the junction is grounded or ungrounded. The standard position for either a grounded or ungrounded junction is at the bottom. For other positions, consult Ogden. Mighty Watt Cartridge Heaters are also available with built-in snap action thermostats. Consult Ogden.


U.L. Listed Plugs are available attached to heater by cord, cable or leads.

Manufacturer Number Ogden Number NEMA Ref.
Leviton 515PA PC4326-27 5-15P
Eagle 2866 PC4326-281 6-15P
Arrowhart 4771 PC4326-50 L7-15R
Leviton 5444 PC4326-29 5-20P
Hubbell 2311 PC4326-25 L5-20P
Eagle 2364 PC4326-26E L6-20P

Matching receptacles are also available

Additional Variations
Special Wattage Distribution. Specify percentage of overall wattage and length for each section. Typically, the entire lenght is divided into thirds with the overall wattage split into the following percentages: 40% at lead and bottom third of length with 20% in the middle, or, 35% at lead and bottom third of length with 30% in the middle.
  • Fiberglass Sleeving
  • TeflonŽ Sleeving
  • Built-in Thermostat or Thermal-Fuse
  • Centerless Grinding of Sheath to Precision Diameter
  • Passivation
  • Special Unheated Area
  • Ground Lead
  • Ceramic Bead Insulation
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MW Stock List 1/8 - 1/4"
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