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GM70 CARBOCAP® Hand-Held Carbon Dioxide Meter

The GM70 Hand-Held Carbon Dioxide Meter measures carbon dioxide accurately and is available for several measurement ranges between 0...2000 ppm and 0...20% CO2. GM70 can be used in various spot-checking applications, like laboratories, greenhouses and mushroom farms. GM70 can also be used in HVAC applications. The meter can be used also as a calibration check instrument for Vaisala's GM20 and GM220 Series fixed carbon dioxide instruments. GM70 is small and lightweight yet rugged and therefore an ideal choice for even the most demanding applications. GM70 has a short warm-up time. The menu-based interface is easy to use and a graphical LCD display with data logger function provides an easy way to handle measurement data.

  • Two optional sampling methods: diffusion or pump aspiration
  • User-friendly meter with multilingual user interface
  • Numerical and graphical display of measurements
  • Data can be logged and transferred to PC via MI70 Link software
  • Wide selection of measurement ranges
  • Suitable for field checking of fixed CO2 instruments
  • Multiprobeoperation; dewpoint and relative humidityprobes can also be connected
Technical specifications

Measurement range

Several options from 0...2000 ppm to 0...20 %


± 0.02 %CO2 + 2 % of reading (GMP221 probe)

± 20 ppm CO2 + 2 % of reading (GMP222 probe)

Operating temperature

-10...+60 °C (+14...+140 °F)

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