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BPS 400 (Obsolete)
Bag House and Dust Collector
Differential Pressure Sensor

BPS400 Sensor and BPS402 Controller BPS 400 Product Description
Cycle Timer vs. On-Demand Cleaning
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BPS 400 Specifications
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dotBPS 400

The BPS 400 is a differential pressure sensor designed to detect the pressure difference between the "dirty" and "clean" sides of a bag house or dust collector. For years attempts at measuring the differential pressure in a dust collector have been foiled because all the pressure sensing devices on the market have a common problem: the tubing ports connecting the "dirty" side of the process become clogged with dust. When the process tubing becomes clogged, pressure readings will be inaccurate. The BPS 400 has no ports to clog on the dirty side of the process, thus allowing accurate and reliable pressure measurement.

dotCycle Timer vs. On-Demand Cleaning

Most dust collectors clean or backwash the filters at regular intervals controlled by a cycle timer. Ironically, many users have tried "on-demand" filter cleaning, based on differential pressure, only to return to cycle timers, because the pressure sensor proved to be unreliable because of clogged tubing connections. When filters are cleaned based on time intervals alone, they are cleaned whether they need to be or not; plant air is wasted and reduced filter life results in premature filter changes. Additionally, over cleaning a filter lowers its efficiency by removing the small "cake" on the filter, which helps contain the most finely divided particles.

As the filter bags or filter cartridges become dirty, the differential pressure across the tube sheet increases. If the filters are cleaned based on differential pressure, rather than a cycle timer, they will be cleaned only when necessary. On-demand cleaning saves plant air, reduces the number of cleaning cycles, thereby extending filter life, and will not "over-clean" the filter. The BPS 400 provides the reliable differential pressure measurement to make on-demand cleaning a reality.

Accurate and reliable differential pressure measurement in a dust collector also gives the user the ability to monitor the process for upset conditions and optimum performance.


The BPS 400 is a self contained strain gauge type pressure sensor, featuring a food grade silicone diaphragm on the "dirty side" and Teflon laminated fabric on the "clean side". The mounting plate is made of stainless steel. A junction box with cord grip is provided for electrical connections. A 1/4 inch female NPT nipple is welded to the mounting plate to facilitate the installation of a reference port to the clean side of the dust collector when side mounting installation is preferred.


The BPS 400 is designed to mount directly on the tube sheet, replacing one of the filter bags. The silicone diaphragm faces the dirty side of the process. If the application cannot afford the loss of one filter, or if mounting the unit on the tube sheet is impractical, the BPS 400 can be mounted on the side wall of the dust collector, and a vent line run to the clean side of the process.

BPS-400 Mounting

Mounting is accomplished with eight bolts and nuts. A mounting ring made of UHMWPE is provided with each unit and may be used in lieu of the nuts; this "hides" the threads for more sanitary applications, and will not allow an individual nut to come loose and fall into the process.

The optional MP-1 mounting plate can facilitate mounting without the need for personnel to enter the collector for mounting or maintenance.

dotControl Options

The BPS 400 is a strain gauge type sensor, so the hook-up is the same as that for any 4-wire load cell. Any common load cell or strain gauge controller will provide the required excitation voltage, and will condition the signal for use with a programmable controller, chart recorder or panel meter.

Babbitt International offers two standard control packages for use with the BPS 400.

BPS 402 Control Panel
The BPS 402 is a complete system for dP indication, alarming and backwash/cleaning cycle control. It also provides a 4-20mA analog signal output.

API 4058G
The API 4058G is a DIN rail mounted strain gauge transmitter.

dot Specifications
Rated Capacity (R.C.): 14 inches W.C.
Rated Output (R.O.): Approx. 1mV/V
Non-Linearity: 0.02% R.O.
Hysteresis: 0.02% R.O.
Repeatability: 0.02% R.O.
Creep: 0.02% R.O./20 min.
Creep Recovery: 0.02% R.O./20 min.
Safe Overload: 300% R.C.
Excitation: 10V recommended;
15V maximum.
Terminal Resistance, Output:
350ohms, +/-5ohms
Temperature: Standard: -4 to 340 deg F
Optional: -58 to +392 deg F
UHMWPE Ring: 200 deg F max.
Weight: 24 ounces
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
dotOrdering Information

Part No. BPS-400 includes the sensor with silicone diaphragm, 304SS mounting plate and plastic outdoor junction box for wiring.

Part No. BPS-402 includes the NEMA 4 control panel with 115VAC supply voltage, digital LED display, intrinsically-safe barrier, 2 10A DPDT relays, "CLEANING" and "HIGH PRESSURE" indicator lamps and a 4-20mA output.

Part No. API-4058G strain gauge transmitter with selectable outputs, 115VAC power.


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