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The long term success of your company depends on the ability of your maintenance and engineering personnel to remain focused on the projects at hand, and not to be spending hours locating and negotiating with suppliers for parts and materials needed to keep your plant operating. By compiling a vast array of products from numerous manufacturers of high quality products, companies can locate and purchase mission critical materials from one place, simply and easily utilizing a credit card, or by placing a company purchase order online from a single source.  Our technical database with complete product descriptions, engineering data and application information coupled with industry specific research links provide all the necessary information to make qualified buying decisions. When needed, our technical staff have the expertise to assist in the design and selection process, this can be accomplished by submitting requests for information online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; Or by contacting us directly, and discussing your requirements with our technically competent staff.

Direct Benefits of Online Procurement

Lower transaction costs. The direct costs of managing procurement via traditional paper-based systems averages $107,  according to the Aberdeen Group, which often exceeds the cost of the items purchased. These costs can be greatly reduced with e-procurement. In addition, low-volume orders can be combined to save money on per unit costs and shipping.

Improved order  accuracy. By eliminating paper based systems and reducing the number of steps in the order process, ordering accuracy can be improved. Greater accuracy leads to time and expense savings.

Reduced cycle time. The automation of procurement drives a quicker “click-to-cash” cycle time. The online selection is speedier, as are other procurement steps, including approval, ordering and payment.

Elimination of rogue buying. The unauthorized purchase of indirect materials can be eliminated by utilizing intelligent procurement support authorizations, thus reducing the possibility of unauthorized purchases.

Customer Stores.  By establishing a company specific, password protected store. Company employees can order maintenance replacement parts and standard approved materials simply by ordering through their desktop internet browser. These materials can be cataloged by facility, utilization, part number or other description as deemed appropriate. provides an easy to use, easy to locate, and easy to purchase from e-commerce website,  where plant facilities and equipment maintenance personnel, engineering departments, research and development teams and industrial equipment users  can research product engineering data and make qualified purchases for a large variety of materials and equipment from one source. has compiled comprehensive inventory lists from various sources, thus simplifying the procurement process and significantly lowered the cost of locating and ordering products to the end user. Corporate accounts may be setup with their individual password protected database of parts with appropriate discounts to ensure secure and reliable purchasing of company approved products.

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