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Ogden Mighty Tuff Band Heaters

Rugged construction along with high temperature and high watt density capabilities allow the Mighty-Tuff Band Heater to surpass all other band heaters in providing the ever increasing temperatures required for processing today's high tech materials. The advanced design and thin profile allow the quick transfer of heat from the element to the sheath for efficient operation to 1400 F sheath temperature. Watt densities as high as 200 watts per square inch on small diameters and 100 watts per square inch on larger diameters are possible. The Mighty-Tuff can stand up to shock, vibration and many contaminants long after standard band heaters have failed. In normal use, or in the most difficult application, the Mighty-Tuff will improve machine productivity by improving band heater performance.
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Stainless Steel Sheath to resist oxidation
Capable of operating up to 1400 F Sheath Temperature
Highest possible application temperatures
Over 200 watts per square inch capacity
Thin profile (3/16") for rapid response

Ordering Information:

Catalog number if available
Inside diameter and width
Wattage and voltage
If one piece expandable (Type E) or two piece construction (Type T), specify total wattage and operating voltage
Type of termination and length of leads, if applicable
Type of Mounting
Submit sketch or drawing, if necessary

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