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Ogden Black Body Ceramic Infra-Red Heaters An efficient heat source for many industrial and commercial applications, the Black Body and Chameleon Ceramic Infrared Heater is available in an array of sizes and modules. Underwriter's Laboratories component recognition is available on many of the items shown. Parabolic or flat profiles, square, rectangular or round shapes, mounted in housings or panels, Black Body and Chameleon Ceramic Heaters can easily be installed and arranged to produce heat patterns limited only by the imagination of the designer.
Efficiently emits radiant energy
Corrosion and oxidation resistant
Peak energy wave length of 3-5 microns
Modular panels available
Modules and panels can be zoned
Virtually no maintenance required
Up to 10,000 hours operating life
Available with type J or type K thermocouple
6 inch ceramic bead insulated leads
Wattage tolerance +/-5%
Chameleon color changes from yellow to brown when processing temperatures are reached

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Ogden HR Radiant Process Heaters HR Radiant Heater assemblies are Incoloy sheathed tubular heaters mounted in an aluminum housing with a reflector to provide a uniform band of radiant heat to the working surface.
Broad beam - for use as a surface heating medium.
Break, splash, shockproof metal sheath heating element - extruded aluminum housing.
Absorbed easily by all colors, clear glass, plastics, transparent solids and liquids.
FAR Infrared - Long invisible radiant wave length (2.5/3 microns).
Typical work range to 500 F, practical maximum to 900 F.
For outdoor or hazardous locations specify M7 Terminal enclosure.
Design and Installation:
  1. Normally used perpendicular to direction of work.
  2. May be ganged together for continuous heat bank.
  3. Reflector normally located 12" from work. Distance can be varied due to specific
    application requirements.
  4. Snap-on nickel-plated protective grill available.
  5. Each unit has at least two sliding steel clamps for mounting that can be positioned
    at any point along the length of the housing.


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