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Carbon dioxide measurement instruments

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most common gases in our atmosphere. It is formed during breathing of humans and animals, in fermentation and decomposition processes and during the burning of fossil fuels. Plants need carbon dioxide in the assimilation process. It can therefore be used as a fertilizer to enhance plant growth. Carbon dioxide is a good indicator for indoor air quality. In large concentrations carbon dioxide is a potential safety hazard and it inhibits bacterial growth.

Vaisala's carbon dioxide products are available for human and product environment control as well as for safety measurement.

Fixed Installations

GMT220 Series Transmitters are designed to measure carbon dioxide in harsh and humid environments. The housing is dust and water proof to IP65/NEMA4.
GMD/W20 GM20 Series Carbon Dioxide Transmitters are specially designed for demand controlled ventilation and related applications.
GMW25/45 Carbon Dioxide Transmitters The GMW25/45 Carbon Dioxide Transmitters are ideal for monitoring the air quality in public, commercial and residential buildings.


GM70 Hand-held Carbon Dioxide Meter Hand-held meter for various spot-checking applications, like laboratories, greenhouses and mushroom farms.

OEM Modules

GMM220 The modules are optimized for integration into equipment for greenhouse control, incubators, fermentors, safety alarming and integrated systems.
GMM20W Carbon Dioxide Module Module for HVAC applications.

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